Blue Water Women

More than a ‘How to Sail’ book - Blue Water Women teaches us how to truly live our best lives at sea. 


Blue Water Women: Making the leap from landlubber to a life at sea by Gina de Vere

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 “We are notsuper woman’, not particularly strong or especially brave women, simply all types of women, and we rise to the occasion.”

Gina de Vere, Blue Water Women 2018


Trustworthy advice & inspiring real-life stories from 40 female sailors

A comprehensive guide for sailors to confidently make their first blue water passage or consider a career at sea. Based on advice from interviews with 40 Blue Water Women, from novice to professional, this book is packed with sound ideas and information.

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This is an exceptional book for anyone thinking of cruising, men and women alike, but it particularly caters to the questions that so many women seem to have. Even with eleven years of cruising, I enjoyed reading it and found myself nodding in agreement as well as picking up tidbits of wisdom.
— Carolyn Shearlock,


About Gina de Vere

GEORGINA DE VERE set sail thirteen years ago at age 58, bitten by the bug to “Go Cruising” and has been wife and first mate living full time aboard her and her husband’s yacht, sailing the Pacific and Asia where they now sail on their second boat, “Stardancer”, a Gib Sea 47’ monohull.


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 “You may be inspired to go on the voyage of your lifetime, or maybe, like some unstoppable women, live a lifetime of voyages at sea. ”


Sea Stories

Tales from our blue water women of the sea