Engine Ingenuity

There are things a cruising sailor prays will never happen. Engine breakdown is just one of them. Especially when there is not a breath of wind and major currents are against you. Engine breakdowns in some exotic places can prove a little problematical.

Sailing without an engine in the Singapore Straits is illegal. Caesura and crew were just about to tackle the Singapore Straits when it happened. Caesura is a 40 footer 15 tonne steel yacht, New Zealand design. Before we left Australian waters we had had an engine fright. Just before Airlie Beach a clickety clack sound like all the plates at a Greek party being broken at once sent shivers up our spines as we saw the dollars disappearing.

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Lucy HargraveComment
Mercy Mission: moments from disaster

It is frightening how one moment we can be in paradise and the next in hell. On our recent cruise to the Louisiades we experienced both. Just when you think everything is going well, Murphy's law steps in. We had a medical emergency on board which tested our resourcefulness and showed us our vulnerability. Next time we travel in remote areas we will be medically better prepared. This is our story. 

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Paradise with a Purpose

Little did we think when we left the Louisiade Archipelago in Papua New Guinea October 2007, that we would be returning. Our sights were set on leaving from Darwin and sailing to Indonesia in 2008. But fate had other plans, or I should say, Eric Gray Had other plans for us! Christian and I have been sailing on Caesura since 2005 when we left sandspit New Zealand to sail overseas. Prior to this we had watched progress on Eric and Cathy Gray’s boat, Erica on our evening walks past the yacht club, never thinking our paths would cross again. However early in 2007 Erica happened to use the pile moorings on the river in Brisbane, Australia, just ahead of us. We have been sailing for three years together since then.

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