Praise for Blue Water Women

In Blue Water Women, Gina takes you from the initial dream of cruising to deciding if it’s for you, the practical realities and various ways you can do it. Lots of the wisdom comes from her 15 years aboard, but as well from the 40 very experienced women she interviewed about their own life aboard. There’s no one right way to cruise; you can make it your own style as these women’s experiences show.

This is an exceptional book for anyone thinking of cruising, men and women alike, but it particularly caters to the questions that so many women seem to have. Even with eleven years of cruising, I enjoyed reading it and found myself nodding in agreement as well as picking up tidbits of wisdom.
— Carolyn Shearlock
This book is replete with good advice, ideas and information from interviews with 40 Blue Water Women, from novice to professional. It is a comprehensive guide for sailors and I would recommend the book to anyone contemplating making their first blue water passage or considering a career at sea.
— Jeanne Pickers, Author, Malaysia
The best sailing book for women I’ve ever read. I just wish I’d read it before I set sail over the Pacific!
— Sue, Brisbane
Not only a guide to passage making, this book is also a reliable technical reference. And not just for women!
— Jay Millard, Auckland, New Zealand
This book provides an entertaining yet pragmatic look at how to live your best life on the open water.
— Canadian Yachting
Just finished reading it. I could really relate to it in so many ways and am sure it will be such a help with valuable information for those considering the cruising life as well as for those of us who are doing it in a variety of ways. Thanks so much, Gina.
— Elise Larsen . S.V Nanok